I deliver a range of engaging styles, tones and pacing.

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+ E-learning 
+ Training & Tutorials
+ Documentaries
+ Corporate Narration
+ TV/Radio Commercials
+ Cartoons/Animation
+ Video Games
+ Audiobooks
+ Character Voices
+ Children's Games/Toys

Christine Myrick - Voiceover Artist


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Here are just some of my amazing clients! 

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industry niches SERVED

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+ Whiteboard Videos
+ Explainer Videos
+ Trailers

+ Podcasts
​+ Voicemails/IVR systems
+ Syncing to Video Timing
+ Dubbing
+ Sound Effects

+ Royalty Free Music Beds

mission statement

 To provide exceptional voiceovers, quick, professional service, and delight my clients every time.

About christine

I'm a fun and easygoing Chicagoland voice artist with over 7 years of pro experience recording from my own studio.  I have voiced  thousands of projects for US and global clients. 

My voice has been described as warm, friendly, engaging, caring, sincere, trustworthy, professional, soothing, confident, and knowledgeable.


voice (vois) n.  sound made through the mouth, esp. by human beings

of (uv) prep.  coming from, resulting from

reason (re’ zen) n.  good sense